Walnut, MS, Ashley and Dalton Wedding

I want to start off by saying I adore my brides and grooms. I have worked with some of the sweetest and most wonderful couples. Ashley and Dalton were no exception. Ashley is a warm and loving woman with a personality that pulls you in! Dalton is a bit quieter, but I will tell you what as I got to know him he is so funny and charming.  The way these two fit together could not be more perfect! 

Ashley and Dalton were married on June 18, 2016. It was beautiful! Ashley had designed adn hand crafted most of the wedding details herself! Which after seeing the inside of her home I could see why she did so! She is very talented! I was a bit jealous of how adorable her home was and I knew right then her wedding was going to be something special! 

The wedding day Started off with Dalton receiving wedding gifts from his bride. It was a moment that will live with me forever! Dalton's father passed last year. To give him the gift of his dad Ashley had Dalton's dad's initials sewn into his wedding shirt. It was a moment. Dalton just stared down at his cuff. I had hoped for tears but  instead he looked up and said, "whoa, well that got me!"

From that point on it was wedding as usual. Preparing and laughing before the first look. First look had kisses and sweet smiles. The ceremony was emotional and perfect at sunset. The reception was a time to let loose and show the couple some love! (along with a dance Ashley and her brother did that for me was nothing short of incredible! 

We ended the night with sparklers and kisses. The perfect end for the perfect couple. 

To everyone that helped make this wedding AMAZING!  Thank you! :)