Memphis, TN- Before and Afters

So today I want to talk to you about editing. But Mostly share with you before and afters. I love my job. It offers me the chance to make women feel beautiful and men to feel handsome. I can not credit these before and afters to just my post processing skills, but the the make up artists I work with. I have had the pleasure to work with some of the best!  

I get asked a lot what are some steps to getting ready for your photo session.  For me the most important step is to drink PLENTY of water!  Water helps you to look fresh, keep your skin clear, and keeps you from having have those sinked in eyes.  The second tip I tell my clients is get sleep! Plan your out fit a day in advanced so the night before your shoot you are well rested. This helps you to be in good spirits, dark circles under your eyes and you will enjoy your shoot a lot more! 

Well let's get right into is shall we. Here is our before and after photos. Under the photos I will briefly talk about what I did to get the end result.  (please click on the photos to open the photos in a light box to see them more clearly) 

The Firs set of photos I took out a few wrinkles and softened her skin a bit. I added eye lashes and contoured her already existing make up. 

For the second set of photos you will see that I not only took out a few wrinkles, contoured and added a bit of light but I also color corrected the photo. By adding a bit of  blue to the over all photo and a few other adjustments I could remove the over powering yellow from her face.  These two sets are an example of a more detailed edit.  

In last set of photos you will see that in post I removed  blemishes from her skin and brightened her eyes a bit.  This is known for Lovellephotography as a basic edit.   

Let's not forget about our men here are a few examples of before and afters Of the manly variety.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me. 

Much Love!