Memphis,TN, Rooftop shooting

This last weekend I was on an adventure with a few friends.  I want to share with you photos from Adventure! 

First we started at the Exchange Building in downtown Memphis. This was the first time I have ever been inside the exchange and It did not disappoint.  Marble and beautiful windows. The lobby of the hotel side was perfectly decorated and the apartment side of the building holds this beautiful marble staircase and look at the arches of the windows. Heaven.   

I couldn't wait to see the view from the rooftop. Not to forget seeing my friend Johnny from We own the night and Live a great story. He first introduced me to the rooftops of Memphis and Memphis will miss him while he is out exploring other cities! This time he invited everyone and I got the pleasure of meeting a lot of new photographers and made a couple friends!  

Once Sunset hit we were lucky enough to be on top of the tallest building in Memphis enjoying the clear skies sounds of Beale Street Music Festival. We did get a bit of a surprise there was one cloud that put on a show for us. I had one new friend, Zavion Houston that caught the lightning! Please check out his page for the photos! AMAZING.   

There was on moment that I just enjoyed so much I met a fellow Harry Potter fan and Dancer ( Ryan Haskett) Jookin on the rooftop!  

It was a wonderful night and I am so blessed to call this city home! To see more photos from the night visit Justlovephoto !