Old Marine Hospital Bridal shoot, Memphis, TN

I wanted to do something different and do a shoot one more time at the Old Marine Hospital. My thought was bridal. Didn't have to be super pretty just emotional. Here are a few of the photos from the shoot. I want to say thank you to my Creative Coordinator Katrina Boone. She came in and took control of my vision and made it a reality! I have nothing but love for her. Without her this shoot would not have happened so perfectly.  Other Vendors that came together for this shoot were Rachel's Flowers, Gifts, and Statuary. They provided the AMAZING flowers. If you are in the need for beautiful bouquets for your home or wedding please check them out!  A huge thank you also goes to Junior League of Memphis Repeat Boutique for the amazing dresses! (There are so many exclamation points in this post. :) and for good reason! Look at these beautiful photos. Click on the photos to see the larger versions.)

Another Vendor we were blessed to work with was  Somerset O'Neil. She provided us with the beautiful necklaces you see in the shoots. I hope I am not alone and how much I love these pieces!  We couldn't have had a better hair and make up artist Angel Johnson. She is so talented and worked so quickly and with such professionalism.  I am still blown away. If you need a HMUA she is one of the best!  

We had the pleasure of working with a behind the scenes crew that day as well! (I can't tell you how blessed I feel right now going back through this day. Thank you again to everyone!) Thank you Quan Logan and Joshua Libertine for all your help and for the behind the scenes photos. 

I had one more wonderful surprise to share with you all. I had the pleasure of photographing a custom designed dress that day. It was designed  by Harold Wayne LaFonte and Kathryn Page.  Here are a few sneak peeks. 

Models for that day were:
Katie Young 
Ariella Laya    
Catrina Gatewood  
Aaron Bridges  

Marcus Johnson   

They did a wonderful job!  Don't forget to follow Lovellephotography on facebook and on instagram @justlovephoto and @lovellephotography.