Memphis,TN-Shelby Farms- Heather Denise

When the Sun is shining and the weather is nice why not take pictures at a gazebo with a beautiful red head?  I have the pleasure of working with the very talented Heather Denise again this last weekend. It was something a bit new for her. She is definitely a high fashion model who knows how to rock it! This shoot was a little different. It was a laid back casual shoot. With soft make up and half up hair do. She took the challenge and worked flawlessly. Even though it was a bit chilly and windy. She was a pro. Shooting in natural is so wonderful to me. I love capturing the sun flares and trying to capture exactly what my eyes see. I hope that you get a feel for both her and me from these photos.  Want to see what else we are working on check out our instagram pages as well! 

Heather Denise

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