Feeling like a Doll- Memphis, TN- Heather Denise

It is something amazing when you can get together with a model,  two make up artists/ Hair stylists and some balloons.  You get to create a dream with a creative dream team. One where the beautiful model Heather Denise got to become a living doll!  With balloons and a bit of Photoshop you can make your dreams a reality.   I am by no means an expert with composition, but I am working on getting better. Nothing practice and the school of YouTube can't help me get better at. 

 Heather Denise

A Huge thank you to the beautiful Heather Denise .  Make up and Hair was done by Moni Whitaker and Make up Man.  This whimsical photo could not have happened without  Diviantart  stock image creator Sophie-Y  Her stock images are amazing!  If you are new to Photoshop editing or just want to see some beautiful artistry please check her out!  

Here are the rest of the beautiful pictures from the shoot. Let me know what you think. 
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Heather Denise  
Moni Whitaker
The Make up Man

Click on images to see them larger.  And Enjoy? Have a concept you would like to see me shoot? Let me know.