Shiloh Battlefield- Shiloh, Tn- Sarena Downs

Sarena Evans Downs is a new model. This was one of her first shoots. When I first saw her I thought wow. She is stunning with her red hair and freckles. I instantly could see her in a vintage edit.  Our Location - Shiloh Battlefield - was as beautiful as it was historic. With a creek and old wood bridge that added to the history of it all. As I stood there on that bridge and took in my surroundings I couldn't help, but think Of the lives that had been lost, The soldiers that crossed into that creek and how today with the land at rest I was there with Sarena to make something beautiful in a place that once had such loss.  

Sarena brought that girl next door into the country and blended to two beautifully! I can't wait to see what else she does!