Ward of the Mississippi- The Old Marine Hospital Memphis, TN

A huge shot out to Tyrone Randall for putting a shoot together bring models and photographers from memphis together at this beautiful abandoned Hospital.  The area around the hospital known as the French Fort Neighborhood is coming back and soon old buildings like this will be getting a face lift. Which is why my friends and I went for a shoot there. capture a few of photos with this beautiful location before it becomes something new that we can use as a community.  I am looking forward to the future while capturing a little bit of the past to carry with me. I want to say thank you to the models:  Elizabeth Bell, Vic Matthews , Lindsey Kelly, Marquez Edget, , Tayla Silas  and Rachael Scott. It was an extremely hot day and they all really pulled it off!  There was a wonderful make up artist on hand that if I may say so does AMAZING work, Blake Jansen.  

Please Click the photo to make is bigger. :) 

We had such an amazing day. It was in the 90's - 100 degrees outside. With no A/C, running water or electricity we had to work quickly to accomplish our goals. The models did great and all of them were on point. Blake worked his magic and the end results were stunning.  I wanted to share with you a few of the behind the scenes pics from the day. Also want to say thank you to Matthew Magbee for being awesome and helping me to create some spooky shots. 

Vic Mathews and Matthew Magbee  ripping teddy bear apart for a creepy shot. 

from left to right : Kelsey Watkins, Tyrone Randall, Kelly Remmers and Heaven Ruiz.

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