Jonesboro, AR NEW Born Photography at the NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital- Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

The Drive was memphis was long, but Oh so relaxing! I left the house before the sun even thought about waking up. On my drive I saw the magic Of the sunrise and was overjoyed to be heading to my first hospital birth shoot. The New mom, Kailey, and New dad, James, were texting updates on how the baby was progressing and I would respond with my ETA. I got to the hospital and as I walked in got to the elevator I heard the chiming bells. A baby had been born! And I knew which one! In the elevator I got my camera ready and myself ready to shoot a new baby girl Blakely.  As I entered the room I saw James holding his baby girl. Love just pouring out of him. 

Kailey was getting a drink and taking the moment to share with her extended family the good news! 

This was indeed a great day for the couple as they had experienced a miscarriage. A loss that they always will feel.  Baby Blakely was perfect and has an angel sibling smiling down on her. 

As the day moved forward I met with the excited Grandparents. They were the kindest family. I was moved at how much love and support was in the room and when James and Blakely entered the nursery the looks on their faces were that of pure delight.  

Even great grandma was there to her her great grand baby!  Everyone had to wait to hold the new addition till after all the tests were done and that seemed to be forever! After grabbing some breakfast and Kailey grab a quick nap it was time to head back into the room and congratulate mom on her hard work. Right after this touching moment brought to you by father and son. 

Once in the delivery room Everyone got to hold the new baby. It was such a wonderful feeling getting to be apart of this moment. A moment I will never forget. As I am sure none of them will either! :) 

So happy for this family and I can't wait to see them for the at home Lifestyle shoot At the two weeks mark.