Memphis Botanic Gardens-Memphis, TN- Wedding- Congrats Jerie and Lekieth.

Jerie and Lekieth are two people madly in love. These two beautiful people brought tears to my eyes a number of times on their wedding day. They had their wedding at the beautiful Botanical Gardens here in Memphis, TN. The day started out sunny and beautiful. I would say it was hot! With my second shooter Zach Zaughan at the ready we hit the ground running capturing the beautiful location of the day. Her details were so beautiful. Her dress was given an added touch from Lovely Design . She Added extra details to the dress and just made the dress perfect for the day. Her dress, her shoes and other aspects all the way down to the flowers girl's dress had pearls. Beautiful Pearls. 

The groom was wearing a blue tie which was a symbol for his college Fraternity. Along with the wedding day gift from his bride a stunning Kenneth Cole watch. 

As the day progressed it began to rain on and off. Jerie was cool, calm and in charge. She switched into her back up plan with easy. Rightly so, thanks to DJSpinnz. The reception hall was Beautifully lit. The tables were set and the room was put together thanks to Mz' Pat at Vision This Events. It was a beautiful mix of yellow, pink and orange. She added a little blue here and there to make sure her husband had the a little color in there. :) It was so so sweet!  

The wedding rings were by far one of my details. Look at how perfect they fit together.  The perfect mix of dark and light. The beautiful contrast between his metal and her diamonds. 

After the Beautiful heartwarming Ceremony we got a little sunshine to get out and snap a couple photos before heading into the reception. This beautiful couple had a lot of ups and downs on their big day.  As I watched them navigate through what would have stressed out most people with grace and love. I was inspired. Their love, their grace and their upbeat attitude was something worth sharing. I watched them kiss and laugh. I hope to take a lesson from them and apply it to my own relationship.  

I wish them all the best and a wonderful honeymoon in beautiful Jamaica. :) Jerie and Lekieth you both deserve so much happiness thank you for having me be part of your beautiful day! A day I will never forget!