I wanted to take a moment to talk about trends. Not just any trends, but photography trends.  Trends like the superhero shirts for groom and groomsmen. I adore this trend actually as a nerd myself. But the photos to capture it are all the same. the men standing in a flying V holding their shirts open as though they are channeling  Clark Kent. Or the baby photo with the sweet baby propped up on their hands in a very unnatural way.  So unnatural often times photographers have to "smush" the baby into it or take multiple photos to layer them later in processing.  Or the one that gets me the most When you black and white the photo but leave only the bouquet in color. 

Trends, Trends they are everywhere. But I am not one to take a bite. I RARELY do something "trendy" when I am shooting. Now that doesn't mean I don't through a hand heart in there once and a while if it goes with my clients personality. Or as I have found I fall into the trend on accident.  Finding out later my subconscious had seen that pose before. I am not afraid to have a trendy photo in fact I would love to set a trend. As in fashion and in Hair I tend to be one step in front of a trend.  I dyed my hair red and month later I could not go grocery shopping with out looking like I was trendy mom.  I regress. 

Trends are not bad, They just aren't my thing. Once I notice a trend I might offer it, but that is not my style. When you shoot you should shoot your style. It makes the photos feel natural, not posed, or pressed to recreate.  There is a fluidity I strive. A natural flow of body and shutter. I hate finding out I have somethings others have (in close proximity, nationally (target) I don't care).  I can't help but give my clients the same thing I strive for uniqueness. I want you to have photos that no one else has. Photos that your friends and family can say wow I haven't seen that before that is beautiful. I may not always get every photo that way and I don't want to. I want to appeal to a broad audience. Yet I feel it is important to show a unique sense of style not only for me to set me apart from the masses, but for you the client. You deserve something unique and you should get it. Even if that is only one or two photos in a set. 

I go into a shoot with my personality hanging out there. Open and raw. At that moment I capture what I feel. I watch my client I read the room and get photos that are in the moment. I have my clients relax and do what is natural. I might give you movements not poses. And if  you have shot with my before you know I will make you laugh. :) 

So now you have it my uniqueness need. This quirk of mine that makes me different and....well... Unique. I desire to be and have things no one else does and I pour that into my photography style.  If you love trends that is great we can do one or two, but mostly I just want to shoot you. Because you are simply beautiful.