Nashville,TN-Baby Sophia-The Lovell's

It was a wonderful miracle when a baby is born. I was blessed to get to photograph another new born baby this year. This one is very special to my heart. As she is my niece. :) mom and dad went into labor late in the night. By 2 am in the morning they were on their way to Vanderbilt hospital. On Their way to the hospital they were actually pulled over. In the middle labor at already 6 cm the tail out had gone out.  when the officer got to the car Jacob had rolled his window down and told the officer that  his wife was in the middle of labor. The kind officer let them go on their way. Once they were at the hospital Emily was 8 cm.  The staff worked quickly and  efficiently and get her into a delivery. Once there it was time to push. No time for pain killers, not even time for an IV; but she didn't need those things. Emily had a natural child birth no complications. By 4 am baby Sophia was born and laying in her mother's arms.  :) 

I arrived the same time as emily's family.  And I was honoured to hold my niece first. :) A tradition from my son.  The family took turns holding sophia and giving her cuddles. ( a huge thank you to my brother for capturing the photo of me and sophia.  in his words. I just tried to recreate your photos :) love him so much! ) 

Family is truly one of the best gifts you get in life. You might not always like them and they might not always be your blood line, but family stands together through sad and extreme happy! 

Many Blessings to Jacob, Emily and sophia. welcome to the family Love. :)