Memphis,Tn- Cotton Field- Latisha Listenbee, Laci Harris, and Harley Grooms

I want to say thank you to the two beautiful models that went with me to play in the cotton field. If you have never been around cotton before (as I had never been before last year) they bite.  Which is my way of saying the are super poky and can scratch you up rather quickly. These ladies took the challenge and made some amazing photos. (Please click on a photo to see the full picture.) 

The first model Latisha Listenbee  was absolutely amazing. We had to fight traffic to get to the location and by the time we made it the light was going down.  She was on point from the first shutter release. Here are the photos we made together. 

The second model is Laci Harris our time shooting was half in the cotton and the rest in the long grass. The light was beautiful and she was wonderful! 

The third model Harley Grooms is a teen model from memphis. She felt right at home in the country and we played that up.  It was a wet and rainy day, but that didn't stop us.