Lebanon, TN- Maternity Shoot- Emily and Jacob

One of the best gifts you can have is a sibling and when that sibling happens to be your little brother it is something crazy. I have been blessed with 2 little brothers. :)  As time flies past he fell in love and got married. I adore my sister in law. She is one of the sweetest women I have met! (guys, she works in a library with children! )   Have you as family has been such a blessing.  How could this whole situation get better,  a BABY! That's right everyone My little brother (graphic designer and owner of Iddy Biddy Studios) and new sister are having a baby! A baby girl. Being a mom of 2 boys this is very exciting for me! I am so happy to have a little niece on the way!  I plan on spoiling her and doing all the fun things I don't get to do with my boys. I know Emily is going to be a wonderful mother and Jacob was born to be a dad. This angel is going to be welcomed into love, family, and stability. To TOP of everything they let me take their maternity photos!  Please help me congratulate them and enjoy these beautiful photos! Congratulations Jacob and Emily! I can hardly wait to hold my sweet little niece Sophia for the first time.  :)