Memphis,TN- Kevin and Keara- Wedding

It is always wonderful when you get to shoot a wedding. I love watching how the day goes by and the love that is on my clients face. I get to hear the laughter of friends and family as they celebrate two people finding one another in this hectic life. Kevin and Keara are so sweet, so beautiful, and so wonderfully matched. Even though they have roughly a 10 year gap between their ages. It only adds to their love.

Kevin was happy and had an ease about him that even I found comforting. Keara was poised and very relaxed. I truly loved being part of their day. As a Nurse keara is a very busy lady and in this process of getting married it was her mom whom stepped in to help her plan and prepare for the big day. It was Miss Catherine that I first met and hired me. An honor I did not take lightly. Keara is her only daughter.

As I got to know Miss Catherine I found out that her husband had had an accident and was badly hurt. So much so that he might not be able to walk his daughter down the aisle. It was a tearful moment when Keara emerged from the church doors to walk to her groom with her father by her side.  I have come to have such fondness for this couple and their family. I am so glad I get to give them the photos that will stand the test of time and remind them what a magical day October 10, 2015 was.  :) 

Many Years and Many Blessing to them all. 

(please click on any photo to see  the full picture. :) )

Also a Huge thank you to all the other Professionals working that day. It was so nice seeing people come together. I really enjoyed meeting Felicia of A Lovely Day Planning. She was so helpful and on point I would suggest her to any one of my clients or friends. I also Really enjoyed meeting the manager of the Belle Venue.  The Venue is so beautiful! Seriously, If you are planning an event Check it out. It is a diamond in the rough and I adore it. 

Here is a list of all the vendors from this beautiful wedding. I have seen what they can do and I am very impressed. If you are looking around give them a call. :) 

DJ - Jay Hines - 901-371-7399

Videographer - Ja Ja Nebo - 901-212-4521

Decorator - Charlotte Hunt - 901-857-0955

Cake - Barbie Thomas - 662-893-3094

Venue/Caterer - Toni and Jammie Johnson - 901-366-8166

Florist (bridesmaids) Dianne Kennedy - 901-378-2731

Florist (guys, bride, corsages) - Bartlett Florist - 901-381-0133

Bartender - Teresa King - 901-379-4234

Musician - Chris Carter - 901-287-9447

Wedding Planner - Felecia Byrd - 901-598-5939