Fun with the boys!

I have been having such a wonderful holiday season! With Christmas and my son's 4th birthday there was a lot going on in the last week of December and first week of January. So being that I was only able to shoot a little on my "break" (do moms really get breaks?) I decided to have a mini shoot with my boys yesterday with my NEW CAMERA! That's right my loving husband Joseph got me a brand new camera. :) It is a nikon D3200. I am getting used to it as I was using a Canon t3. So far I am in love with the crispness of the photos! The fact I can now take pictures in a low lite area without it being too dark is a major plus as well, as indoor shots are my life these days!  Anyway back to the photos of yesterday. We were outside in the sun. The boys were riding their bikes in the backyard ( a very desolate place! the former renters killed all the grass, now is it just moss and dirt! with a broken fence, but it will get love or I am hoping a show like yard savers or something like that will come rescue me!). Here are the photos. I hope they find you blessed and in good spirits as I am after such a wonderful Holiday 'Break"!