Is that my niche?

I have been shooting a lot lately, THANK YOU LORD! It has been an answer to my prayers to be busy with shoots and learning learning.  I have done four in the last two weeks and have another set for this week. I would be shooting today, but had some family time scheduled awhile ago. NOW on to is that my niche? I have been emailed over the past few week s for portfolio building photos.  I LOVE this idea Of helping aspiring models, musicians, and actors with their portfolios. As the sister of an aspiring actor I know a lot of the ins and outs of what you will need. As a person who was  a model as a child I know a little of what shoots are like on a professional stage. And of course as Fan of America's Next Top Model I know there is a LOT of talent out there!!! 

SO I have taken it upon myself to be educated in all things portfolio. From Comp. Cards to the sizes that are hot around the USA right now for printing. New York 9x12 in Miami mini look books are trending. The Hubs and I are even looking into getting my studio up and running in the next couple of months. (would be now, but it has been too cold and there isn't heat out there yet!) 

So Let me leave you with this. If you are aspiring to be an actor, musician, or Model and you need to build that portfolio, update  or start Please keep me in mind. I want to help you build your dream while I build mine!! Email me for pricing and remember I am always willing to work with your budget if you are willing to work with mine. :) 

Here are a few shots from my recent shoots! ENJOY!