I did one wedding where I was paid. mostly the cost covered the prints, but worth it! I got my foot in the door. I want to share with you some of the photos because I learned a lot from them and they say a lot about me. So to set the stage I had just found out I was pregnant and had the worse case of morning sickness a person could have. I eventually got medication for it as it was so bad.  This was my VERY first shoot professionally and well I was so so scared. Than there is the fact that I only had a cannon t3 at the time and was limited on lenses. I didn't have the money to rent a camera and I didn't know any other photographers that I could borrow from, not that anyone would let you. So I get to the venue super early, I want to see where everything is going to be get my first look at the location (inside, I already did like 5 drive-bys/ sit in the parking lot.) To my (non flash butt's) horror the room where the ceremony was being held was all wood paneling, dark paneling! ok ok I can work with this. Oh WAIT, they are standing in front of two picture windows! Can we say Extreme back it. oy. So I come up with a plan. Now if only I was shooting on Aperture priority, no I was shooting Action. Here is where I have grown. I now know how to get the shutter speed up with out a long exposure. (no tripod needed). Anyhoo. People were blurry and the lighting was yellow. My poor brides hair fell (into a hot mess GOD love her she rocked it anyway! She was a truly amazing bride) In the end She had a beautiful day, we took some beautiful shots and she loved her album, her digital copies for social media and the beautiful 16x20 photo of her and her husband.

All in all not too bad. I wish I knew now then, but that is life. Can't wait for my next wedding!! I LOVE weddings! I love engagement shoots! I LOVE lovel!