The Shop.

I have been working hard lately getting everything ready to open my first online shop. I chose to open an Etsy shop. Picking out my photos from the thousands I have was a challenge to say the least. Then there was the challenge of how to crop the images once I had decided to use them. Since I knew I wanted to put the options as all 16x20, it was a bit easier, but none the less stressful. How will it look on someone's wall? Will they most likely put a large or small frame around the print? How will that alter the look of the picture once printed? After sometime I figured it all out and I have opened my shop. Here is the link take a look: I picked out a range of my favorite photos and a few my family and friends loved the most. Here is a little taste!  

I hope you enjoy and pass the word around. There will be more coming in the future! If there is a photo on my sight that is not in my shop please feel free to contact me with the photo and the size you'd like.  

Many Blessings!