Going to the Memphis Zoo

This Thursday the family and I got together to go to the zoo for my little Eli's second birthday! While there I couldn't help but take some photos for art purposes and here are a few of my shots. 

The Original. 

This next picture was one of those oops photos you take and oops it over exposed. NO problem. I shoot in Raw so it was easy to "fix" that, but what to do with the photo after. Well I decided to keep the over exposure and add a very unique texture in photo shop. I created this beautifully artsy photo. Which I am madly in love with! 

I got a few wonderful shots of my boys and my hubby too. :) It was so amazing to have my Canon to capture the these moments that I know will someday fade. It was so hot and my little was missing nap time, but it was beyond worth it! 

I hope you have enjoy this little taste of my work. I know I am in love with the shots and just today Walgreens made me sign a release saying I was the photographer when I did test prints! BEST FEELING EVER! 

Many Blessing!