The Last Game

It is official my little brother had his last game yesterday. He did a great job as did the whole team! They were the big hitters! I even heard someone call the coach the hitting coach. He was by far the best coach I have ever witnessed teach tee ball to a bunch a Jr K kids.  I know there is a part of me hoping, praying he is the coach to my boys. Every child got a medal and it was a touching moment to see all the parents and the kids do the final huddle..WHO DAT, WHO DAT, GONNA BEAT THOSE SAINTS!  It is enough to almost bring tears to my eyes now. I am so blessed to be a photographer and to get to see the game, the kids, the life experience threw my eyes. And I only hope that I can give you a glimpse of what I see through my photos. Enjoy! 

Here is my little brother. with his pizza and medal! 

Here is a little boy intensely waiting to make the play! 

There was this sweet little girl with red shoes and a hello kitty bat. She was absolutely adorable. For her I created an action shot and added a filter, Hot Pink gradient! She looks pretty in pink! 

And here is the last photo of the team with their distracted stares excited about their medals and family that were there! 

I hope that you have enjoyed these photos as much as i have enjoyed taking them! Many Blessings!