The Beginning.

My Story

I was born Alisha Lovell in a small town in Wisconsin. I was a country girl, who grew up with horses and chickens and hard work. I moved to Memphis and met my husband. Joseph, which is when I became Alisha Lovell- Greer. I went to Murray State University where I roomed with a photography/ painting major. She was my inspiration to reclaim my artistic life. My husband had given me a camera as a birthday gift and I started taking pictures. My roommate would take me out and use me as her model all the while answering my questions and without realizing teaching me about photography.  She taught me perspective, light values, how to make a photo unique even if it seems plain. She taught me all the little things I would have never thought of. All the while explaining that every photographer has a style their own. A look and feel to their photos that people will gravitate towards or lean away from. After college I didn't think much about photography. I still had my camera and I still took pictures for friends and for the love of it but didn't think seriously about a profession. About two years ago I started really making photography my business. Taking photo shoots for friends, family, friends of friends and even a wedding ( talk about nerves, I had horrible morning sickness and it was an all paneling church! ). And ever since I have been blessed to say i am a photographer and love my job! 

I am also a mom of two little boys. My Izayiah who is 3 years old and my Elijah who is 2 years old. It is truly a blessing to be a wife and mother. My days are spent doing my favorite things: being with my kids, hanging out with my husband, and taking photos. I feel so blessed to have a gift that I can share that makes people smile. Coming from a family that is talented and all blessed in the arts it was like finding my calling when I left ceramics and found my passion in photography. 

My blog will be a place for me to talk about editing and photo shoots I have done. It will be a place where I talk about how I do things, why I like certain pics versus others, and a way for me to announce new items for sale or new services I will offer. 

Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope to hear from you soon. 


Alisha Lovell-Greer