A Little Bit About Me. 

 I am Different. Maybe even a little odd. I have a unique pull about myself. One that I have not been able to shack off and I enjoy it. I have been called a nerd, a weirdo and crazy. And that was just my friends. :) I believe in drinking life to the fullest. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't smile and thank God for what I have and who I am. 

My home unit consists of a lovely husband, two beautiful boys, a catahoula leopard dog named Lauren, and two cats named Oliver and Yoda. My husband is a Huge star wars enthusiast. :) Where I grew up watching both star wars and star trek. GASP! My boys are getting older everyday and that fact causes me some sadness until I wake up with Oliver snuggled into me up under my arm like I feel asleep with a doll.  It reminds me I always have someone to snuggle.  Being a young woman myself I still feel that pull to have another child. How do I get over this hormonal urge? I take pictures of babies in their homes in the hospitals in the arms of their new parents. This typically helps me remember the lack of sleep , early feedings, diaper changes and I can't tell you how many times I have been peed on. And since I am a nerd who is soothed by research and living healthy is a passion of mine; I know a thing or two about lactation and nursing. I am not only there for my clients as a photographer but a friend they can ask questions to. Be it about breastfeeding or how to get your four year old to eat dinner. 

My idea of a good time is coloring in my coloring book. Yes I said coloring book. :) It is way cool and I enjoy filling in all the little lines and spaces with beautiful color. I read a lot. I can't say I read a lot of books, but I read a lot of articles and research stories. I am also a huge fan of documentaries. Silliness I know. But I enjoy learning about what is around me. That suits me very well as a photographer. My love for learning follows me into knowing my clients. From the moment someone sends an inquiry I want to know all I can. Not only about your photography needs but you as a person. What you like. What you need to be happy. I wanna hear about your sisters new car and how your new nephew is doing. Or the score of the last softball game you went to. Because I am weird like that. :) 

I love my life. I Love taking photos and meeting new people. I love my family and all of my friends. I couldn't ask for a better life than the one I am living.  :)